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Muggles Market 2-9-19AFTER ACTION REPORT ——— Photos courtesy of Haley’s Dag Photography More photos at: Charlotte Dagorhir at Muggles Market! ———Attendance: 21 Bro’gar, Haley, Gisueppe, Falon, Siguric, Lambchop, Soullo, Fletch, Quentin, Hank, Greig, オレンジ, Marie C., Michael C., Alaina L., Robert M., William O., Nicole P., Timothy P., Jeremiah W., Harleigh W.

Charlotte Sunday Practice 2-3-19AFTER ACTION REPORT ——— Welcome new participants Hank Costner and Joseph Davidson! ——— Photos and video courtesy of Haley’s Dag Photography More photos at: Charlotte Dagorhir Practice 2-3-2019 ———Attendance: 11 Bro’gar, Haley, Gisueppe, Falon, Lambchop, Soullo, Fletch, Joy, Quentin, Hank, Joseph ——— Rolling 2’sDitch1v1 Bracket SparsGoblin FootballHonor […]

Sunday Dagorhir Practice

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